Meet Kahulanui

Kahulanui has had the honor of working with many talented musicians along the way in the studio and on tour.

The “core four” of the band are Patrick Eskildsen on electric bass, Lead Guitar and vocals; Duke Tatom on ‘Ukulele and vocals; Tim Taylor on drums/percussion and, of course, Lena Naipo on lead vocals and guitar. There is an impressive display of talent from each member during performances, both as individuals and as part of an ensemble.  

Kahulanui’s exciting horn section is comprised of Jesse Snyder on tenor sax, clarinet and flute, Bill Noble on alto saxophone and flute, Vincenzo D'Angelo on trombone, Joshua Timmons and Eldred Ahlo on trumpet in the Hawaiian islands and Dave Clausnitzer on trumpet when on tour on the mainland.  And bringing us the old sound of the Hawaiian steel guitar Dwight Tokumoto.

We would also like to mention all of the talented musicians who have joined us on stage and in the studio past and present.  Andrea Lindborg and Mike Lewis on trumpet, Duncan Bamsey on Alto Sax, Frank Musacchio and Railroad Russell on trombone.  On Steel guitar Paul Kim, Sonny Lim and Greg Sardinha. Special guests Michael Suprenant  on drums, Brian Crist on stand up bass and Loren Wilken on piano. 

Experience the beauty of Hula as Lei Naipo takes the stage with Kahulanui on tour

Lolena Naipo Jr.

Pat Eskildsen

Tim Taylor

Duke Tatom

Bill Noble~Vince D'Angelo~Dave Clausnitzer~Jesse Snyder

Dwight Tokumoto